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Demir Kapija (translated Iron Gate or Iron Door in Turkish) is a small town in Macedonia shortly before the famous ravine of Demir Kapija on the left side of the river Vardar.
The entire history of Demir Kapija is linked to a famous Demirkapija's Ravine, a place where many wars and conquest has started and ended, a place at different times has been border of rulers and a location that was based on separate feudal lords. First mentioned settlement that existed around the fortress under the name of an ancient Roman city Stenae. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the fortress becomes a location for the existence of another city that was called medieval Average. For this city has more written records, especially those associated with the names of feudal lords Dobromir Hrs and Dobromir Srez. With the advent of Ottoman empire fortress in the settlement ceased to live, the local population was displaced to a new location a few kilometers to the north and was called Bath (Banya), in warm water baths in this area which are very old. After the earthquake in 1931 the population of the village of Banya was moved out of the space station in Demir Kapija. Here he began a new life, there were opened several shopping and craft objects, and later a school, as well as several commercial buildings.
Royal Winery In Demir Kapija is the oldest winery in the Balkans. It was built by King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic in1928, on the recommendation of top French enologists who advised the King to make a winery in the Tikves region, so King decided to build it in Demir Kapija. King stayed at this property on March 8, 1931 after the catastrophic earthquake that swept Valandovo. It is noted that the Queen Maria came to this property in 1934.
The property of 2700 hectares which wanted to buy King Alexander was owned by Turkish Bey Usni and Bey Memed who were willing to sell the property. When the King heard about them hi gave order to his men to "give them an offer that they will not refuse." Their offer price of 2,000 liras in gold at the same time a man Apostle of Banya offered 3000 liras. But, Bey replied to Apostle and that he refuse the offer of 3000 pounds because King guarantees safely money to Turkey. Coins were paid by the Royal Consulate of Yugoslavia as a gift of Romanian King Ferdinand (father of Queen Maria). Once Bey received the coins left to the Bosphorus in Turkey and never returned, and immediately after the sale King ordered the construction of the complex. On the property until the Second World War worked 200 workers and 25 employees. Producing high quality wine for the Royal Family in Belgrade. The capacity of the cellar was 150,000 liters of wine, which used 4 glass pools in which fermented wine, and they were brought from Austria.


Today the winery is privately owned, renovated and modified to produce high-quality wines. It has its own vineyards and complete equipment for processing of grapes and production of wine from their own production. The winery has a capacity of nearly 7 million liters of which 6.13 million liters are in inox containerс, and the rest in wooden vats. The management team always aims to improve wine quality by investing in new equipment and implementing new procedures for modern production.